Hi, I’m Spencer

A long time ago, in a galaxy far far away… Okay, I kid, but a long time ago, I decided to pour everything into being the best I could be at the time at sketching. I was a math major in college. I actually wanted to be a math teacher. I think I had found a love at the time, but I hadn’t really gotten to what I truly wanted to do. Rewind a bit more and as a kid, I always loved art. I just didn’t see much of a future or know if anything would come of it. I didn’t know I could make a living being creative.

I had a friend in college who told me about industrial design. Curious, I probed more and discovered this world in which there was a wonderful blend of analytical thinking, creative thinking and artistic expression. I even saw an opportunity to work with people, making their lives a little better in real and measurable ways by the things I would, or rather, could design.

On my first day of school. I was greeted by a quote from my first professor “A [person] who cannot communicate their ideas is on the same plane as one who has no ideas”. It really hit me. HARD. I went into a slight panic as I realized that if I fundamentally couldn’t capture and express my ideas, I would be essentially worthless. I committed to being the best I could be at it.

Going to school, in Utah (United States) didn’t provide me too many opportunities for working with talented and skilled designers locally. After I graduated, I wanted to give back where and how I could. I started another website, IDSKETCHING, as a way to reach out and share what I knew with what I had available to me at the time. The internet made sense.

So I share to give back. Thanks for visiting!